eDiscovery simplified!

ExactRisk™ platform gives you access to an advanced indexing engine, quick and easy text searching, results tagging, case and file management.

ExactRisk Features

Load data

Simply point the index wizard to the location of your data, and enjoy full control and security over that data. This information is never sent to the internet. No more challenges with compliance to varying international data residency requirements.


Our advanced multi-threaded index engine is able to process over a terabyte of text in a single index, which spans multiple directories and emails with attachments.


ExactRisk™ search interface supports integrated relevancy ranking with highlighted hits. Intermediate users can enjoy searching using natural language keywords or phrases, whilst advance users make full use of the Boolean commands and other data culling features.


Create custom tags and bookmarks and annotate your search results for ease of reference and file management. Share tagged files and file annotations with team members allocated to your project.


Enjoy full file viewing capabilities from within the ExactRisk™ platform. Our build-in file viewer supports a myriad of legacy and modern file types. You also have the option to export the file and view it in its native environment/application.

Report & Audit History

Once done with your eDiscovery process, enjoy our reporting features which allow you to export investigation results, including file metadata (file properties, hash signatures, file path etc) and search history.